Brutalist TieDye™ Fashion

DyeMaster and DeathKultLeader™ David

DeathKultLeader™ David is our senior DyeMaster

He is also The One True Spokesmodel for Professor Dudebro who commands us to TieDye™ Professor DudeBro isn't that involved in the violent business of TieDye™. He's an easy-going sort of fella. He comes around every so often and shows up here and there and blends conciousness with DeathKultLeader™ David in their strategy sessions, which result in glorious TieDye™.

Were you expecting a bunch of rainbows and flowers and peacenik crap here? If you were, then you've probably never heard of Violent TieDye™. We make tie-dye t-shirts that the other tie dye t-shirts are afraid of. We've got San Francisco rent to pay and we take our frustration out on our t-shirts.

When they arrive at our San Francisco dyeing facillity, our humanely sourced cotton t-shirts are white and delightsome. We put an end to that.

To begin, we shout profanities at our t-shirts, throw them in a mild bleach and baking soda solution, and wash the fuck out of them at high temperatures so that they are shrunken, beaten, and ready to submit to our Dyemaster's dyeing processes.

While the exact nature of our dyeing processes is a trade secret, we will disclose that it takes place entirely in San Francisco, CA and involves a certain amount of industrial music and often quite a lot of black dye, bleach, profanity, nitrous oxide, and the over consumption of ethanol-containing beverages. Your garmet will be badly traumatized.

After being rinsed with fuck-tons of cold water to remove latent dyes from the fabric, our products are subject to one last terrifying hot water wash with unscented detergent and then are permitted to air dry in the cool San Francisco climate. While drying, they may be subject to enduring dissonant shoegaze or horror rap. When fully dried, they will be met with disappointment and told that they're not good enough. Some of them will then be smashed as flat as possible with a hot iron and abandoned, as are all great works of art. Such items are then trafficked on the gray market.

If you are looking for a badly abused tie-dyed garmet that is inspired by actual hipppies wearing actual street fashion as observed by DeathKultLeader™ David who frequents the real Haight Ashbury and pays real San Francisco prices, you've come to the right place.

Adopt a Brutalized Tie-Dye T-Shirt

Our abandoned tie-dyed t-shirts and other terrorized hippy street apparel items are for sale. All t-shirts are one-of-a kind. The t-shirt pictured is the t-shirt you will receive.

Please consider giving one of our TieDye™ items a good home.